TheGolfShop-GregTeaching-350Taking a lesson used to require a golfer to learn uncomfortable motions and techniques in search of the "perfect" swing. The bigger the change, the more it felt like taking a step backward to get better weeks, or even months, later.

But times have changed. Greg Milligan combines his experience as a 30-year PGA teaching professional with the latest technology like the Trackman launch monitor to give you instant feedback that you can take to the course, almost immediately.

And the best part? Greg won’t require you to throw everything out and start at the drawing board. He believes that all golfers have a unique set of strengths and weaknesses that gives them their own swing DNA. He is expert at helping you get the most out of yours, and backed up by the latest custom club fitting equipment to ensure that your gear allows you to perform your best.

Professional Instruction

$60 /45 mins

Work with a class A PGA instrctor

  • Swing fundamentals
  • Golf fitness techniques
  • Short game & putting
  • Tee shots & long irons
  • Approach shots & wedge play
  • Course management
  • Mental strategies

360 Degree Game Improvement Program

$300 /6 Lessons

Complete game improvement plan

  • Evaluate current game and develop objectives
  • Customized game improvement plan
  • Full swing instruction
  • Short game strategy
  • 360 degree game improvement